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24/7 Customer Support

At Stargate Crewing, we understand the value of immediate customer service turnaround and we provide this round the clock to all our clients. We have the shortest reaction time you have seen to any client request. Our Constanta-based office staff consists of trained and experienced client-handling professionals, who take each call with adequate dedication and are constantly available over telephone, e-mail, video conferencing to provide non-stop customer support.

Office Hours and Telephone Availability
Besides the usual office hours and weekly holidays, Stargate people are available for client related emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All calls and client requests are meant to be answered and closed within a 24-hour turnaround period, and office staff is expected to address late calls for the next working day.

Our office staff is trained to working non-traditional hours because we understand that business continuity is important in an ever-connected world. Our staff is sufficiently skilled in the English language and some can speak other European languages (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) fluently.

Stargate customer support is available throughout normal business hours on weekdays, while during weekends and national holidays and seasonal festivals we have a skeletal staff available to deal with emergencies.

Customer service response
We live in the age of immediacy, where the speed at which information travels from one consumer to another has conditioned us to expect instant results. We are constantly trying to reduce the turnaround time for customer service and make it a point to respond of client emails within 24 hours of receipt. In fact, we believe that customers are more irritated by poor or non-existent communication than anything else, and they expect us to get back to them with a satisfactory response quickly every time they make a request for assistance. At Stargate we have established a standard procedure for customer response and periodically monitor and upgrade these procedures to evolve with the times.

Stargate advantage
We pride ourselves on asking the right questions, and in asking the right questions we often convey the assurance that most of our customers are looking for in a professional crew manning agency. Our customer-facing executives are adequately trained and experienced to understand what solutions are available to him/her and the competence to match solutions with customer requests. However, each customer request is treated as a new task and given a specially tailored response depending on the situation.