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Stargate Crewing is an ISO certified, MLC compliant crew manning agency based in Constanta, Romania, a premier centre for maritime education on the Black Sea coast. We provide talented crew and repair teams for all types of sea-going vessels, drawing our recruits from some of the best trained seafarers and technicians in the business today.

We are a leading manpower provider to the maritime sector in East Europe recognized for exceptional results with clients around the world. Our emphasis is on building long-term client relationships with success in this area measured by the number of talented new crew members we can add to our pool for our clients.

Stargate is responsible for thousands of professional placements each year and since our establishment in 2004 we have developed the ability to tailor each search to our client’s specific needs and take pride in the thoroughness of our methods in selecting candidates. Our selection and recruitment services are based on the best practices in the Human Resources industry, and all our recruits are carefully vetted before being signed on for a voyage so that our clients can rest assured that they have the best possible candidate working on their vessels.

Our responsibility is to present the very best talent available from which our clients can make a decision. A critical component of our recruitment strategy is our ability to draw top flight professionals by attractively presenting the challenges and opportunities of the position and the company.

Stargate embraces diversity and inclusion and will forever remain committed to a multicultural work environment in the maritime industry. We pledge to diverse crew teams based on merit and performance, and thereby transform the role of human capital in shipping.

Stargate’s performance and ethos drive better business results. We are unique in our approach to crew manning and continue to redefine the seafarer recruitment experience through the use of accurate market data, customer feedback, precise communication, and continuous learning.

We strive to be a sophisticated, reliable, and trusted recruitment partner bringing better value to each engagement through efficiency and responsiveness.