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Client Zone


If you ask me what is it that we do, as a company, as a business, as a recruiter of top-class seafaring officers and ratings for global shipping giants, I will say we make manning sea-going vessels a fun and interesting adventure. Like taking a hike through a forest you have always known existed but never really bothered to venture into. It can be full of suspense and a little unpredictable at times, but like any adventure, in the end you will thank us for walking with you on this journey. We are excellent companions to all our clients and that is why all of them have stayed with us till date no matter when we started work with them. Our motto: we will go with you all the way.

We admire crewing executives. I know who you are. You are one of the hardest working people in your office. Perhaps, and very few people know it, you are one of the hardest working executives in your company. Crewing can be a 24-hour roller-coaster ride, and no two days are the same in terms of work. A Crew Manager’s work is never really over no matter what time it is on his watch. Too many gaps in the crew roster, too many loose ends to tie up. A Third Officer here, a Chief Mate there, and a couple of Senior Engineers willing to take responsibility for a pair of troublesome old boats. There are never enough hours in a day, just as there are never enough reliable sailors who can guarantee event-less voyage. 

Don’t worry, we are all workaholics here. Stargate Crewing is open for business 24/7. We have clients who work on Saturdays and Sundays, during Christmas and New Year’s holidays, during the Holy Easter Week, come rain or storm. Our diverse client spread means we are practically working round the clock. Monday sometimes feels like mid-week. But we don’t mind; we take it all with a smile. That is the first rule of client service in our business. We are here for the whole ride, not just for the selection and recruitment. We are passionate and meticulous about what we do, and we enjoy doing it. We also want to make your life easy by partnering with you and taking some load off your shoulders. We believe we are eminently qualified to help you build a capable, experienced and reliable pool for your fleet.

Let’s talk. Give us a call and you will discover that we love a conversation. We also know a thing or two about the manning business and may be able to give you new ideas for stubborn old problems. We have a friendly and efficient team of people who can answer your questions and provide you with necessary support with any kind of challenge you may face. You can call me or any of my colleagues listed here below for an informal discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ionut Rusu
General Manager.

Eliza Enică, Crew Manager, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Senior Officers
Iulia Ciurea, Crew Manager, Tankers and Multipurpose Vessels, Middle & Junior Officers
Meral Curtali, Crew Manager, Container Ships and Dry Bulk Vessels, All Ranks & Cadets
Mirela Dima, Crew Manager, Bulk Carriers, Boxships, Senior Officers