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Crew Pool

Crew sourcing has evolved over the last two decades in parallel with the removal of international trade barriers and protectionism, and the expansion of the global merchant fleet. The emergence of professionally managed and publicly-traded multinational shipping companies has kick-started a global race for the best seafaring talent. For crew manning agencies, this has transformed the nature and dynamics of recruitment and made it far more pro-active than at any time in the past. Crew recruitment has moved from filling vacancies announced by clients to picking the right candidates from a specialized, constantly-evolving manpower inventory. Stargate Crewing has managed to stay with the changing trends in shipping by building a talent pool and ensuring  constant flow of potential candidates that best suit the principal’s needs.

Over the years Stargate has built a talent pipeline keeping in mind the diverse crew requirements of our partners and the changing needs of the maritime industry. Our crew pool is built on the demographic advantages of Romania’s seafaring population, which is both young and highly-trained. This gives us a competitive advantage unlike any enjoyed by other crew sourcing markets. Over the years, we have compiled a formidable database of nearly 20,000 candidates who are pre-screened, assessed and ready for hire. Simultaneously, within the national pool, we have designated smaller pools of high-performance, high-potential candidates vetted for different companies or vessel types. These are specialists with years of seafaring who can quickly become an asset for any fleet.

Shipping sustains global trade. Without it, food and manufactured goods would not be affordable; raw materials would not reach the assembly lines. By some estimate, the global merchant fleets generate an annual freight income of over half a trillion dollars. Over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality work on cargo vessels trading internationally. Yet, the availability of manpower for shipping – increasingly under environmental scrutiny and technological change – is not beyond unpredictability. Few international merchant fleets know for sure what their recruitment strategy would be five years in the future. Stargate partners don’t have to worry.

Our services offer the flexibility needed to deal with economic and regulatory change that affects global shipping. Our crew pool allows shipping companies to navigate fleet manning uncertainty and develop employees in areas that align with the company’s needs. Pooling is probably our most effective tool to deal with any manpower shortage that may arise in the future. It is probably our biggest assurance as a reliable business partner to global merchant fleets.