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Loyal Crew

Loyalty contributes significantly to successful shipping operations. When the crew is happy, they go out of their way to do a little more for their employers. They do this is many ways – shareexpertise, help co-workers, raise morale, save resources, suggest improvements, resolve conflicts, and much more. Such behavior makes operations more effective and cuts down losses. As human resource specialists, we take time to understand what your crew needs and try and provide it for them.

Perfect match: We invest more time in the hiring process, and we do this to find the right person for each job and company. Finding the right fit is very important in our line of work. If the selection process is tight, there’s lesser turnout in the future. Retaining well-matched employees takes less effort. We do this by ensuring that the applicant’s values match the values of the organization. A good match will blend naturally with the others on your team, rounding out their skills and fitting in with the overall culture.

There are other important indicators of ensuring company loyalty and Stargate Crewing has adopted personnel management strategies that make a difference not only to their clients but also to their crew.

Leadership: We provide a clear vision, goals and objectives so that our candidates understand their roles and responsibilities, and agree to work within the organizational culture for achieving satisfactory outcomes.

Involvement: Here at Stargate, we take special care to give our crew a family-like experience, engaging with them not only during their home leave but also keeping close contact with their family members to ensure they understand their welfare is our top-most priority and we are committed to looking after their needs at all times.

Fair and Ethicaltreatment: Today’s ship crew understands the working environment and seafarer protection laid down by various international maritime regulations and conventions. We strive to give them a voice and address their professional concerns while adopting a zero tolerance approach towards unfair treatment and discrimination.

Imparting values: We recruit crew whose own values match that of the company. This makes it easier to make the people understand and adopt the value set of their employers without much difficulty or resistance.

Championing champions: Our motivation as recruiters is to give everybody an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the employing organization and ensure that the organization in turn recognizes people for the contribution they make.

Teaming: Encourage a sense of belonging to a team with opportunities for lifelong growth and social interaction between staff. We have invested into building deep personal relationships with our crew and their families, frequently interacting with them and becoming a part of their everyday lives.

Empowering people: We inspire loyalty by giving our officers and cadets a sense of freedom and control. At Stargate we trust our people and demonstrate confidence in their abilities, and in turn we inspire their trust. Our crew feels they are valued and respected for what they contribute.