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Nothing tests the efficiency and endurance of a diverse crew manning operation than uninterrupted crew rotation and transfer. The efficient embarking and disembarking of crew along with ticketing, accommodation, visa and other logistics arrangements all comprise a complex web of logistics critical for all shipowners, operators and managers. Good communication is important, but more important is the ability to remain prepared for last-minute contingencies and back-up plans. Are all parts of the crew logistics chain on the same page for every embarkation and disembarkation?

Stargate’s mobility solutions offer streamlined and efficient crew transfer services for all its clients, with improved connectivity and cost reduction. With years of experience in crew transfers worldwide, we can consistently deliver logistics solutions that work perfectly throughout their crew transfer process. Our in-house travel department will find the most efficient, cost-effective mode of travel for our rotating crew. We have long-term relationships with travel agencies, embassies, hotels and city transport operators who give us unparalleled efficiencies in crew movement.

As crew providers to big multinational shipping conglomerates, we understand the importance of timely deployment of seafarers in remote locations. Timing is of paramount importance, and we cannot afford missed flights or transfer connections under any circumstances. We have a small fleet of cars at 24-hour disposal which provides round-the-clock airport travel, and all crew send-offs and pick-ups are arranged by our travel division throughout the week, including weekends. At all times, our goal is to help our clients get the best value out of their travel budget ensure the can provide safe, comfortable and secure accommodation to the crew so that our seafarers have a refreshing and positive layover experience.

With more than 15 years of experience in handling crew travel, we are positioned to provide flexible and tailor-made crew deployment services for the entire company besides arranging transfer for our crew. bespoke services. We manage our client’s regular crew schedules and in addition help them with No matter what your requirements are, you can rely on us to assist you. With an extensive network of reliable service providers working with us, and our knowledge and experience of crew deployment, we can ensure confortable, courteous and efficient transportation for crew as well as emergency accommodation and ground transportation at different ports and locations around the world.

With our extensive experience, we can provide our clients bespoke solutions for their crew deployment needs at very competitive rates. In fact Stargate’s mobility services are meant to help clients retain full control of crew movement in compliance with the company’s policies and specifications at the best value for their money.