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Owner Branding

Today’ seafarers are avid information consumers and have hundreds of channels through which they receive and transmit information every day. Under such circumstances, seafarers are well aware of what they stand to benefit by working for a particular employer, and whether a particular employer is known for creating a work culture that is conducive to individual growth and employee welfare. They frequently use online forums to disseminate feedback on their experiences of working for an employer.

At Stargate, we are well aware of the role employer branding and recruitment marketing play in the race for top talent. We believe appropriate owner branding will decide which shipowner or which management company corners the biggest share of seafaring talent from a particular. Maritime employers would have to fiercely compete for the best talent in any supply market. As the volume and momentum of hiring increase, the best talents in every rank and vessel category will have more choices and employers would be hard-pressed to devise ways in which to retain talent over the medium or long term.

We have a stellar reputation in picking up the best talent from our market and regularly delivering our clients the best value for their wage bill. At Stargate, we create and implement successful talent attraction strategies for clients so that they may be able to improve operational efficiency on sea as much as on shore. Over the years we have gained experience through delivering our services for clients in various industries where we managed to help them increasing their recruitment effectiveness and positively impact their return on investment by addressing the most common and the most pressing questions when it comes to talent attraction and retention.

We know our value comes from sourcing hard to find talent, and by providing critical value addition to our candidates and our clients. On our part, this involves building sustained partnerships achieved through demonstrated expertise, credibility and trust with both clients and candidates. What makes a fleet unique and why an individual officer should work there. Needless to say, the decision to work for a certain employer and remain loyal to the company is as much an emotional decision as it is a practical one. Stargate is constantly striving to improve the employer’s brand reputation by thoroughly understanding the work culture and company policies and accurately transmitting the brand values to its seafarers.

Our recruitment operation has a very robust presence online and on various forums and social media platforms where seafarers frequently interact with members of their community. We promote our clent brand in such forums with the purpose of delivering the right message in front of the right candidates at the right time and attract candidates in our direction. Through sustained inbound recruiting, we generate interest in the client’s company and build a catchment of high-worth applicants every time a new position is available.