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Stargate Crewing is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in providing crew manning services, aspiring to exceed the expectations of our clients in a consistent and efficient manner. At the same time, we strive to keep the same quality standards for all our seafarers and offer them every opportunity to develop their career while they sail for our principals.

Every engagement starts with a thorough understanding of the client’s manning requirements so that we can make sure you get the services that you are paying for. Our staff brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to the table and a thorough understanding of needs helps us tailor the best possible package for each principal. Our manning services focus on all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle, including vacancy advertisement, crew retention and crew pool management. We have experienced crew coordinators working round the clock to keep the fleets of our principals adequately staffed with skilled personnel, thereby reducing chances of mid-sea accidents due to human error.

Interestingly, our uncompromising commitment to higher quality standards has ensured a higher rate of crew retention and exceptional crew loyalty from most of our seafarers. Many of our officers have been with us since their cadetship and haven’t forgotten the dedication and support they have received in building their career. Today we have one of the largest dedicated crew pools in our market with ready access to hundreds of seafarers waiting in queue to come work with our agency.

Our quality systems and priorities keep evolving with the changes in the industry and the state of the maritime economy. However, we have maintained our quality goals to focus on four primary areas of crew manning – recruitment, remuneration, training and appraisal. 

Our quality goals are:

  • Ensure crew is well qualified and adequately trained for the job, and professionally responsible;
  • Upgrade selection and recruitment criteria and align it with the company’s requirements;
  • Maintain a diverse national pool of seafarers in Romania for all our clients;
  • Carry out open, honest and frequent communications so that clients and crew can make better-informed decisions;
  • Understand the client’s operational and safety objectives and brief the crew accordingly;
  • Help clients understand the Romanian supply market and all the rules and requirements of engaging local crew;
  • Encourage lifelong learning goals for all our seafarers and office staff so that we can evolve with the changing times.