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Repair Teams

Stargate Crewing offers tailor-made recruitment solutions to repair and conversion yards, newbuilding yards and shipmanagement companies for sourcing qualified and experienced technical personnel, engineers, tradesmen, mechanic and repair crew. We have recruitment packages for repair and conversion jobs, maintenance and installation missions, refitting and retrofitting projects and long-term newbuilding projects at different yards worldwide. Our welders, pipe-fitters, electricians, metalworkers, mechanics and painters are employed in various marine workshops around the world, while our temporary workers and apprentices are engaged in various short and medium term projects.

Our people are engaged in numerous retrofitting, refitting and installation operations, helping owners to meet new regulatory, emission, safety and efficiency standards required by international policy and conventions. We are currently engaged in a project for retrofitting and installation of scrubbers on vessels for the engineering company Temika of Greece. Our people are engaged by Temika for full installation and retrofitting of scrubbers as well as staffing its Riding Teams which carry out mid sea retrofitting and installation while the ship is on sail, thereby reducing off-hire time for owners. We support Temika in deploying highly qualified and trained service engineers to carry out retrofitting riding jobs.


We understand how important is the quality of our recruitment policies in determining the end product and so we encourage people who share the same values and commitment to client satisfaction. All applicants for available positions go through competency based evaluations and interview. This is the first stage in the selection process. Depending on the position, eligible candidates go through an aptitude test and a final interview before selection. Our people are subject to periodic performance evaluation exercises and advised on what they could do to keep up their competence levels. We support our staff on their self-improvement initiatives, and regularly put them though training and workshops related to skilling.

Riding Teams

We send in fully equipped riding teams capable of dealing with practically any kind of malfunction on vessels in voyage. Our riding teams carry out repair, maintenance, installation and refitting jobs on board, ensuring reduced layoff time for vessels. Our technical crew help owners minimize downtime and save on maintenance costs. Our repair personnel are capable of carrying out complex maintenance and repair operations on engines, generators, boilers, pumps and hydraulic systems. Our technical people are mission-oriented and have a reputation for completing the job within the deadline. Our fitters and welders hold Class Certificates and our repair teams provide quality at very competitive rates.