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Crew skill is the bridge between a company’s ability to reach its business objectives and the regulatory requirements of the maritime industry. Shipping is the safest mode of transport known to man, but it is important to keep it safe and viable in the face of new challenges such as climate change and economic uncertainty. Even though the number of accidents has gone down significantly over the past 50 years, it has not been totally eliminated. The maritime industry is still some way off from reaching the goal of zero injury, zero pollution and zero loss of life and goods.

At Stargate Crewing, we are constantly striving to improve the skilling score of our seafarers because we understand how the venerated Certificate of Competency is not a guarantee of total onboard safety and loss from accident. Even if the global standards of seafarer skilling remain an admirable and consistent effort, the standards of training are not the same in different countries. There are significant gaps in standards from one market to another, and even from one institution to another in the same market.

Our clients are equally insistent on hands-on professional competence and practical skills as they are on certification and training. Owners and shipmanagers are looking for practical on-the-job abilities, and not just knowledge and skills. While maritime education and training institutes can impart subject knowledge, these fall woefully short of imbibing hands-on work experience. The industry is looking for competence that combines knowledge, skill and the right attitude. Fortunately for us, Romania’s maritime education and training facilities are totally state funded, and we have excellent faculty and latest generation equipment at all our institutions.

Stargate has a robust and well-equipped training infrastructure right within our office premises where we can easily accommodate up to 25 people for short duration training courses tailored to the company’s needs. We can also hook-up a training program via satellite and run a remotely tutored classroom at our office premises while the owner may have its trainers based in one or more remote locations and beam in to us through a satellite channel. We also have some of the most qualified senior faculty members from the local maritime colleges on our staff regularly assisting us with organizing short term training courses on behalf of our clients.

Our commitment to ship safety and onboard performance remains as firm as ever, and possibly the only way we can ensure a constant supply of well-trained, educated and certified crew to our clients. Regular appraisal and continuous learning further guarantee that our crew can remain abreast of the latest international standards, making them more competitive in the industry. It also keeps ou clients satisfied and loyal.